Cheapest Hawaiian Islands to Visit

Top 5 Cheapest Hawaiian Islands to Visit – Trip on a Budget

Have you ever thought about going to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands? Imagine stunning beaches with clear water, green forests that tell stories, and amazing waterfalls. Hawaii has many fun things to do – like exciting adventures outside and hula dancing!

Speaking of places to stay, you don’t need to stay in fancy hotels. Look for cozy hostels, nice vacation rentals, or small guesthouses. And You can save money and see how locals live by staying a bit away from the super touristy spots.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything. Pick a few things you want to do and enjoy them. It’s all about having a great time without worrying about money. So, now you might be wondering how to find the cheapest Hawaiian Islands to visit. We have gathered some cheapest Hawaiian islands you can visit on a budget.

Top 5 Cheapest Hawaiian Islands to Visit

Going to the Hawaiian islands can be cheap or expensive. It depends on where you stay, how you get around, what you do, and when you go. Remember, prices can change, so it’s smart to check recent travel info before you decide anything.

1. Molokai

Molokai island Hawaii

Molokai is a calm and pretty island in Hawaii. It’s not as crowded as some other places, so you can have a peaceful time. You can learn about the past at Kalaupapa Park, where they cared for sick people long ago.

In the Halawa Valley, you’ll see many green plants, waterfalls, and old Hawaiian temples. It’s like stepping into a storybook. Papohaku Beach has soft sand to relax and play by the water. If you like nature, the Molokai Forest Reserve is a cool place to explore with jungles, wetlands, and special Hawaiian plants.

Molokai loves its traditions and shares them with visitors through hula festivals, luaus, and get-togethers. You can even ride on mules to Kalaupapa and feel you’re returning in time. Molokai is in a relaxed mood like other places.

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2. Lanai

Lanai island Hawaii

Lanai is a calm and beautiful Hawaiian island where you can escape from the busy world. It has awesome stuff to see, like pretty beaches, big cliffs, and lush forests. Lanai grew lots of pineapples in the past, but now it’s a cool place for people who want a peaceful vacation.

You’ll find cool things on Lanai, like the Garden of the Gods. It’s like a place from a different planet, with red and orange rocks. And there’s Hulopoe Bay, where the water is super clear, and you can see neat fish while snorkeling. If you’re into adventures, Lanai is awesome for hiking and exploring off the beaten path.

3. Big Island (Hawaii)

Big Island Hawaii

Big Island of Hawaii! It’s the most significant island in Hawaii and still pretty young. Imagine many rainforests, beaches with black sand, and massive volcanoes that have changed the land over time. Two volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa, are constantly erupting and making a shift in the island. You can even go to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see them.

There’s more to the island than just nature. Hawaiians think it’s special because of a goddess named Pele, who’s connected to the fire. People have done important things here in the past, and they still have fun events today. People visit the pretty beaches, clear water for swimming and looking at fish, and places to walk and explore. The weather is different in different areas – warm and humid by the ocean and cooler up in the hills.

You can also find tasty stuff here! Kona coffee is famous, and you can eat delicious fruits that grow here. People take care of the plants and animals on the island to keep everything safe.

4. Kauai

Kauai Island Hawaii

The oldest island in Hawaii is Kauai, and people adore it for its natural beauty and plenty of entertaining outdoor activities. The island is big, with different places like rocky shores, thick forests, tall mountains, and nice beaches.

One particular place is the Na Pali Coast. It’s a wild and tough-to-reach area with tall cliffs, waterfalls, and valleys. People like to hike there and go on boat trips. There’s also a colorful canyon called Waimea. It’s like the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” You can walk there and take fantastic pictures.

You can do so many fun things outside on Kauai. You can walk in the forests, swim and look at fish underwater (snorkeling), go deep underwater (scuba diving), surf, float in a small boat (kayaking), and fly on a line in the air (ziplining).

Some famous movies like “Jurassic Park” were filmed here, which is pretty cool!

5. Oahu

Oahu Island Hawaii

Oahu is a beautiful Hawaiian island full of amazing things to see and do. You can explore jungles, see waterfalls, and go to famous beaches like Waikiki and the North Shore, where surfers ride big waves. You can learn about history at Pearl Harbor and the Iolani Palace, which used to be where kings and queens lived. The food is yummy, too, with special Hawaiian dishes like poi and poke and big lunches.

The main city, Honolulu, has tall buildings, lots of shops, and a relaxed feeling. If you like hiking, you can find trails with pretty views, like Diamond Head. Oahu also has many different cultures mixed, which makes it special. Whether you want to relax, have fun, learn about history, or enjoy a beautiful place, Oahu has something for everyone.


The Hawaiian Islands offer budget-conscious travelers a chance to experience stunning beauty and rich culture without overspending. From the peaceful shores of Molokai to Lanai’s tranquil escapes and the natural wonders of the Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu, each island presents unique opportunities for affordable exploration. By focusing on a few meaningful experiences, opting for local accommodations, and immersing yourself in the island way of life, you can create an unforgettable and budget-friendly Hawaiian getaway. So, embrace the allure of these economical yet captivating destinations and embark on a journey that combines adventure, culture, and relaxation, all without straining your finances.

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