10 Winter Things to Do in San Diego

San Diego is a top spot for winter breaks, especially if you want to escape the cold. While many places deal with snow and ice, San Diego stays warm, often in the 60s and 70s (around 18-24°C). This great weather means you can enjoy the outdoors, visit places like Balboa Park, or just chill on […]

San Diego is a top spot for winter breaks, especially if you want to escape the cold. While many places deal with snow and ice, San Diego stays warm, often in the 60s and 70s (around 18-24°C). This great weather means you can enjoy the outdoors, visit places like Balboa Park, or just chill on the beach. With a gentle ocean breeze and lots of sunshine, San Diego offers a cozy winter getaway.
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In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the city’s winter attractions, provide insider tips on local favorites, and guide you on making the most of your winter vacation in this sunny paradise.

Is Winter the Perfect Time to Visit San Diego?

Visiting San Diego in December and January is a good idea. The weather is nice, not too hot or cold, with temperatures around 65-70°F during the day. It’s a bit cooler at night, so bring some layers.

The best part is that it’s not as crowded as in the summer so you can enjoy the city more relaxedly. There might be some rain, but not too much. Just keep an umbrella handy.

December is also a festive time in San Diego, with holiday events and decorations. You can still do outdoor stuff like hiking and going to the beach but remember that the ocean is cooler. If you like whales, you’re in luck because you can go whale watching from late December to early April.

10 Winter Things to Do in San Diego

A coastal city in California called San Diego is well-known for its pleasant weather and beach-oriented lifestyle. While it doesn’t experience traditional snowy winters, many festive activities remain during the colder months. Here are 10 winter things to do in San Diego:

1. San Diego Bay Parade of Lights

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights

One of San Diego’s time-honored traditions is the annual Bay Parade of Lights. Boat owners have adored their vessels with shimmering lights and engaging designs for over half a century, taking them on a festive journey along the San Diego Bay. This spectacle is a testament to the city’s maritime culture and holiday enthusiasm.

If you plan to witness this nautical parade, arriving early is advisable, especially if you’re heading to popular viewing spots like Harbor or Shelter Island. And remember, even in San Diego’s mild winter, it can get chilly by the water, so dress warmly.

2. Holiday at the Beach

Holiday at the Beach in san diego

San Diego is synonymous with its expansive coastline, and while the beaches are buzzing in the summer, winter offers a different kind of charm. Areas like La Jolla Shores transition from bustling summer spots to tranquil retreats, where the gentle hum of the waves is more pronounced, and the sunset views are uninterrupted.

If you’re venturing out, consider packing a picnic. There’s something incredibly calming about enjoying a meal on the beach, with the setting sun casting its golden hue over the horizon.

3. Ice Skating with a Twist

Ice Skating with a Twist in san diego

San Diego’s winter might not bring snow, but it surely doesn’t lack ice, especially when rinks start popping up around the city. One of the most iconic locations to lace up your skates is in front of the Hotel del Coronado. Here, the traditional winter activity gets a coastal makeover. Skating with the vast Pacific as your backdrop is a quintessentially San Diego experience. If you’re planning an evening session, you’ll find that the combination of cool sea breezes and twinkling rink lights creates a magical atmosphere.

4. Cultural Dive at Balboa Park

Cultural Dive at Balboa Park san diego

Every visit to San Diego, irrespective of the season, is complete with spending time in Balboa Park. This sprawling urban oasis, steeped in history since 1868, is home to many museums, gardens, and theaters. During winter, the park dons a festive look, with lights and decorations augmenting its historic architecture. Given the proximity of various cultural institutions within the park, allocating an entire day for exploration is a good idea.

5. Enchanted Garden of Lights

Enchanted Garden of Lights san diego

The San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas undergoes a winter transformation that’s nothing short of magical. As you meander through its pathways, over 5,000 plant species are complemented by thousands of twinkling lights. For families, especially those with young kids, the garden ensures a touch of snowy fun with its snow sledding area.

6. Culinary Winter Walks

Culinary Winter Walks san diego

San Diego’s culinary canvas is as diverse as its landscape. Winter brings forth a variety of flavors, both local and international. A food and drink tour can be a delightful way to explore the city’s gastronomic offerings. As these tours often involve walking between eateries, it’s recommended to don comfortable footwear.

7. Santa Rides the Waves

Santa Rides the Waves san diego

Santa Claus ditches the traditional sleigh and reindeer at Seaport Village for something more fitting to San Diego’s vibe—a surfboard. This unique event is a playful nod to the city’s deep-rooted surf culture. If you’re attending, it’s the perfect opportunity for some memorable holiday photographs.

8. December Nights in Balboa Park

December Nights in Balboa Park san diego

December in San Diego is incomplete without the renowned December Nights festival in Balboa Park. This festivity, celebrated for over four decades, sees the park metamorphose into a bustling hub of music, food, lights, and community spirit. Given its popularity, it’s wise to consider public transportation as parking can be challenging.

9. Nature’s Majestic Migrants

gray whales in san diego

Winter in San Diego is also the season when the Pacific witnesses the migration of gray whales. These gentle marine giants journey from the chilly Alaskan waters to the warmer lagoons of Baja California. Several local operators offer whale-watching tours, making it easier for visitors to partake in this natural spectacle. Given the open-sea conditions, dressing in layers is a smart choice to stay warm.

10. Local Markets with a Festive Touch

Local Markets with a Festive Touch san diego

As the holiday season approaches, several of San Diego’s neighborhoods, such as Little Italy, spring to life with vibrant markets. These are excellent places to soak in the festive atmosphere, buy local crafts, and enjoy seasonal treats. While many vendors accept card payments, carrying some cash can be handy for smaller purchases.


There a plenty things to do in San Diego as mild and inviting winter climate offers a perfect escape from colder temperatures in other parts of the world. With various festive activities, from the enchanting Bay Parade of Lights to the tranquil beauty of winter beaches, ice skating with an ocean view, and cultural exploration at Balboa Park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the winter months.

Whether you’re interested in culinary delights, unique holiday events like Santa riding the waves, or experiencing the natural wonders of gray whale migrations, San Diego provides a cozy and memorable winter getaway for all.

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