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 Zaara Yesmin, also known as Rukhsar Yesmin, is an Indian actress, model, and entrepreneur. She became a household name after winning the prestigious “Femina Style Diva East” title in 2016. At just 29 years old, she has already made a mark in the entertainment industry and is admired by many for her beauty and acting […]

 Zaara Yesmin, also known as Rukhsar Yesmin, is an Indian actress, model, and entrepreneur. She became a household name after winning the prestigious “Femina Style Diva East” title in 2016. At just 29 years old, she has already made a mark in the entertainment industry and is admired by many for her beauty and acting skills.

Who is Zaara Yasmin

Zaara Yesmin, a superstar in the Indian entertainment world. She’s also a top-notch model known for her stunning looks and fantastic acting talent. But did you know she’s a businesswoman too? That’s right! She’s a real go-getter and runs her own company. She comes from the lively city of Kolkata in India, but her fame has spread worldwide. People fell in love with Zaara when she won the “Femina Style Diva East” contest in 2016.

This big win skyrocketed her career, and she’s been a famous star ever since. With her radiant smile and impressive talent, she shines bright on and off the screen. Although she’s already achieved so much, Zaara is just getting started. She’s got big dreams and works hard every day to make them come true. That’s who Zaara Yesmin is – a beautiful, talented, and hardworking woman. Isn’t she awesome?


Zaara Yesmin
Age (as in 2023)
29 Years
Date of Birth
8 January 1994
Zodiac sign
Dancing, Travelling, Swimming
Assam, India

Early Life and Education

Zaara Yesmin was born in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India. She loved acting and modeling from a young age. Always the star of school plays, her talent was evident. She believed in the power of education, too. After high school, she studied Business Management.

This intelligent choice helped her later, not only in her acting and modeling career but also in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Her journey is proof that dreams can come true with hard work and education!

Parents And Siblings

Zaara Yesmin’s family is from Kolkata, India. She grew up in a home filled with love and support. Her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams and stand independently. Zaara has a brother who she is very close to.

Their bond is strong, and they love spending time together. Growing up, her family’s encouragement significantly shaped Zaara’s confidence and helped her become the successful person she is today.

Zaara Yesmin Husband /Boyfriend

When it comes to Zaara Yesmin’s love life, she likes to keep it private. While Zaara is a big star, she keeps her boyfriend or husband a secret from the public eye. This is her choice, and we respect it.

She will share more one day, but we will focus on her talent and achievements for now. Remember, everyone has the right to keep some things for themselves, even famous people like Zaara!

Zaara Yesmin Children’s

Zaara Yesmin has always kept her lips sealed when it comes to little ones. She likes to keep this part of her life private, just like her love life. We can’t say if she has any kids right now. What we do know is that Zaara loves children.

She often shares photos playing with her nieces and nephews on social media. Zaara is a fun-loving and caring person. Let’s respect her privacy and keep celebrating her as the talented actress, model, and entrepreneur she is.

Zaara Yesmin Age, Height, Appearance

Zaara Yesmin is a young and vibrant woman. Born on January 8, 1994, she’s now 29 years old. She is tall at 5 feet 7 inches and has an elegant and graceful look. Her black hair and dark brown eyes make her stand out. She’s known for her fit and healthy body. Zaara has a great sense of fashion, too.

Also, She often wears stunning outfits that match her radiant personality. Whether it’s on the red carpet or in her Instagram photos, Zaara always looks fabulous!

Zaara Yesmin Before Fame

Before becoming a famous star, Zaara was just an ordinary girl from Kolkata. She was always in love with acting and modeling. Zaara participated in school plays and dazzled everyone with her talent.

Also, Along with her passion for performing, Zaara focused on her studies. She believed that knowledge is essential. Zaara’s hard work and dedication helped her win her first title, “Femina Style Diva East,” in 2016. This victory was just the beginning of her incredible journey!

Zaara Yesmin Career

Zaara Yesmin started her career as a model, shining bright in many shows. Her big break came in 2016 when she won the “Femina Style Diva East” title. This was a big step towards her dream!

Also, She then entered the film industry, impressing everyone with her acting skills. Zaara has acted in several movies and commercials, earning fame and love from her fans. Not just an actress, she’s also an intelligent entrepreneur. She knows the power of hard work and uses it step by step to build her career.

Zaara Yesmin Net Worth

While asking about someone’s money is not polite, we all wonder about stars like Zaara Yesmin. Although her net worth is estoimated to $5million, it’s clear that her work as an actress, model, and entrepreneur has paid off! Zaara’s net worth is impressive.

She earned from films, modeling gigs, and her own business and built quite a fortune! Let’s remember that wealth isn’t just about money but love, talent, and hard work. And Zaara is rich in all these ways!

Zaara Yesmin Legacy and Impacts

Zaara Yesmin has made a big splash in entertainment and business! She is a role model for young girls everywhere, showing that you can be successful in many fields if you work hard.

Her stunning fashion sense has also influenced style trends. Not just that, her love for family and respect for privacy has taught us important life lessons. From her journey, we learn that fame isn’t everything. She was kind, thoughtful, and humble matters, too. This is Zaara Yesmin’s impact, and her legacy continues to grow daily!

Zaara Yesmin Future Plans

What’s next for Zaara Yesmin? While she’s private about specific plans, we know she’s not slowing down! Expect to see more of Zaara in movies and modeling. Plus, she’s constantly dreaming up new ideas for her business. Who knows, she might even venture into new fields!

She also plans to travel more and explore the world. We can’t wait to see what exciting things Zaara will do next! Let’s keep cheering her on as she continues her incredible journey.

Zaara Yesmin Controversies and Scandals

While many celebrities face controversies and scandals, Zaara Yesmin has avoided such troubles. She is known for her professionalism and kind demeanor. She has dealt with any disagreements or issues she might have faced in her career privately and with grace.

Instead of getting involved in gossip, Zaara Yesmin focuses on her work, whether it’s her acting, modeling, or business ventures. She believes in maintaining a positive image and setting a good example for her fans. Zaara Yesmin’s dedication to positivity and hard work sets her apart in a world of controversy.


Zaara Yesmin has many fun hobbies when she isn’t acting or running her business! Let’s check them out:

  • Also, She loves dancing! It’s a fun way to keep fit and express herself.
  • Zaara enjoys spending time with family and friends. Love and laughter fill her days.
  • Also, Traveling is a big hobby of hers. She enjoys exploring new places and cultures.
  • She also loves reading. Books take her on exciting adventures! Cooking is another passion of hers.
  • Also, She enjoys making delicious meals. Zaara also likes to keep fit. Yoga and running are some of her favorites.

Favorite things about Zaara Yesmin

  • Also, Zaara’s favorite color is pink. It makes her feel cheerful.
  • She loves roses. They are beautiful and fragrant.
  • Also, Her favorite food is biryani. She enjoys its spicy taste. 
  • Zaara adores dogs. They are her favorite animals.
  • Also, Her favorite actor is Shah Rukh Khan. She admires his acting skills. 
  • She loves watching Bollywood movies. They are full of fun and excitement.
  • Also, Zaara’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She enjoys the festive spirit.
  • Her favorite book is ‘The Alchemist’. It inspires her.
  • Zaara’s favorite song is ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran. It makes her want to dance. 
  • Her favorite city is Paris. She loves its romantic charm.


Does Zaara have any pets?

Yes, she loves dogs.

What’s her favorite food?

Yummy biryani.

Does she have a favorite color?

It’s pink!

Who is her favorite actor?

She admires Shah Rukh Khan.

Does she like to travel?

Yes, she enjoys exploring new places.

What’s her favorite book? ‘

The Alchemist’ because it inspires her.

Can she cook?

Indeed, she loves making tasty meals.

What’s her favorite song? ‘

Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran.

What’s her favorite city?

The romantic Paris. Is she private? Yes, she keeps her love life and children, if any, personal.


So there you have it, folks! We dove into the life of the lovely Zaara Yesmin. She’s impressive, from her acting and modeling talent to her business smarts. Also, She’s also a fun-loving person who enjoys dancing, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.

Also, Zaara is a role model, proving that dreams can come true with hard work. Let’s keep cheering for her as she continues to shine in the entertainment world. Thank you for joining us on this journey into Zaara’s life. Stay tuned for more exciting stories about your favorite stars!

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